Fernando Torres’ club Chelsea didn’t quite manage to sneak a victory in its opening Champions League match against Juventus. Both the teams scored two goals each and the match finished in the form of a draw.

According to Chelsea news, Robert Di Matteo’s boys were off to a blistering start in the match and Chelsea was ahead by 2-0 at one point of time, but, the Chelsea players were a bit casual in their approach in the second half which allowed Juventus to come back into the game. Roberto Di Matteo would have been disappointed with the way his team lost the advantage. But, the credit should also be given to the Juventus boys who grabbed each and every opportunity that came their way.

The Chelsea midfielder, Oscar, was in amazing form in the match and he scored both the goals for his team. Chelsea took the lead in the 31st minute of the match. Eden Hazard was the one who set up the goal for Oscar and the Brazilian midfielder beat Gianluigi Buffon, the goal keeper of Juventus, with a terrific shot from a distance of 25 yards. It was Oscar again who doubled the lead of Chelsea just two minutes later. The second goal was set up by Ashley Cole who gave Oscar a decent pass. But, Oscar had to get rid of a Juventus defender to enter the penalty box. He did that superbly and beat Buffon with a powerful shot. The ball flew into the top corner of the net and Chelsea got ahead by 2-0 in the match.

Juventus managed to reduce the lead in the 38th minute with the goal of Arturo Vidal. It was a great effort by the Chilean. He got the ball outside the penalty box and he got rid of two Chelsea defenders and then, played a left footed shot to flatten the Chelsea goalie. Chelsea was able to maintain the lead till the 80th minute and it seemed that Roberto De Matteo’s team was on his way to start the Champions League with a victory. But, that didn’t happen and Fabio Quagliarella scored the equaliser towards the end of the match.

Chelsea didn’t manage to get ahead again in the remaining time and got only one point. Chelsea will now take on Stoke City on 22nd of September in a Premier League match.