After A Superb Welcome Torres Fernando Looking Forward To Winning More Titles

Fernando Torres has focused on trophies to add to the affection for the Atletico Madrid unwavering after he was on Sunday exhibited before 45 thousand supporters at the venue, there cheer and love affected him a lot.

Torres was compelled to see from the stands as Atletico defeated Levante as his turn from AC Milan can’t be formally finished until the Italian exchange window opens on Monday. Be that as it may, El Nino, who was the skipper of Atletico earlier send off for the club of Liverpool in the year 2007, is all set to make his 2nd introduction for the club against most despised adversaries Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey.

“Outside the pitch, I have experienced numerous things. On an individual dimension I am progressively developing and exceptionally cheerful to be here,” Torres said. “On the brandishing level, things have changed as well. At the age of 24, I understood something hard, that I expected to leave with the goal that the club and I could develop.
“It was the most troublesome snapshot of my vocation. The club has developed and time has demonstrated us right. I have likewise won trophies; however, I need to win more trophies. Incidentally, as Atletico’s status has taken off as of late after the arrangement of Torres’ old partner Diego Simeone as a mentor, the Spanish global has endured a long haul droop.

A miserable four-month advance stint at Milan was followed in it Torres counted only a single in 10 arrivals for the Italian mammoths. However, he is still affectionately recalled at the Calderon where he counted 82 objectives in 214 arrivals amid his past spell, with driving his childhood club and Torres agreed that a return home was the stimulus he required in order to re-energize his football career, what’s more, Torres conceded that an arrival home was the lift he expected to re-empower his vocation.

“I required something that would energize me and I could just locate that here,” he included. “There are numerous individuals holding up who love the club of Atletico Madrid. The supporters were never an issue for the group. They realize that they win a bigger number of focuses than some other group in Spain.”

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