Wengar Interested In Casillas

Arsene Wenger has been reported to have telephoned Iker Casillas to ask him if he is interested to play in the English league.
Casillas has been a Real Madrid player for a long time, but, he is no longer a first choice there. He had played in the European Cup matches last season though, but, in the league, he had only featured a couple of times.

Casillas would most probably be on the bench for Los Blancos this summer as well especially after the outing that he had in the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Wenger wants to take advantage of this situation of Casillas and lure him to the Emirates.

There have already been reports in the Spanish media that the veteran shot stopper wants a new start after having seen the lowest point of his career recently in Brazil and England’s his most favoured place.

As far as Wenger is concerned, he is in desperate need to secure the services of a goalie this summer. With Lukasz Fabianski being transferred, the Gunners boss is now left with only one goalkeeping option in the form of Wojciech Szczesny.

Casillas is one of the most experienced goalkeepers going around at the moment. He has as many as 156 caps for the Spanish national team, while, for his current club Real Madrid, he has made close to 700 appearances. And since he is only 33 at the moment, he still can have 2-3 good years at the top level. So, considering these things, Wenger is trying to make him take a transfer to England.

However, apart from Casillas, there are some other goalies as well who are believed to be on the radar of Wenger. They are David Ospina, who is presently representing Colombia in Brazil, and David Marshall, the Bluebirds’ goalie.