Vidic replies to Torres

Former Manchester United defender NemanjaVidic has answered back to Fernando Torres after the latter claimed that the defender had a nightmare when he played against him.

Indeed it was in the game against Liverpool where the Merseyside team won by 4-1. Vidic was guilty of playing a weak pass that gifted Liverpool a goal and was then send off in the game. Fernando Torres has claimed that the player was under too much pressure, and this is what resulted in this performance.

However, NemanjaVidic did not agree with this statement. He said that he committed only one mistake in that game and that it was not because of Fernando Torres. He said that the player is just bragging, and he is not the toughest opponent he has played against.

He said that he had played against tougher opponents in the Premier League. He said that the best player he had to play against was Didier Drogba. The former Chelsea player was strong physically, and you had to stay with him during the whole game. He admitted that it was a nightmare to play against him and that you had to be at the peak of your game if you did not want to concede.

NemanjaVidic said that it was also difficult to play against Luis Suarez as well as Sergio Aguero. He said that both of these players were strong technically and caused havoc in the opposition defence. For him, both players were better than Fernando Torres and demanded more concentration and focus to play against.

He said that Fernando Torres is just bragging and that he was not as tough as he wants to make people believe. It is only in one game that Torres got the better of him and that it was not the case in the other matches.