Fernando Torres has said that he is not upset about the fact that he is getting lesser starting opportunities after the signing of Demba Ba.

Demba Ba signed for Chelsea last month and after his arrival, Torres is not getting regular starting opportunities. The Spaniard has started only three out of the last six matches of Chelsea. In the remaining three, it was Demba Ba who was given the starting opportunity.

Torres’ form hasn’t been that great off late. He hasn’t found the net in his last 9 appearances for Chelsea. On the other hand, Demba Ba has shown good form in the recent matches.

When asked whether he is upset that he is not starting regularly after the arrival of Demba Ba, Torres said, “No, I am not upset about that. The manager is in charge of the team and whatever he does is for the good of the side.”

“Demba is a very good striker and he is currently in better form than me. So, I don’t have any problem with him getting more starting opportunities.”

Torres also said that he loves playing in FA Cup matches because the atmosphere during those matches is absolutely electrifying.

Torres said, “It’s amazing to play against the lower division sides on their home grounds just because of the environment their fans create in the stadium. For those teams, it’s the only chance to take on a top team. So, they go out there with full intensity.”

“But, you can’t take those teams lightly. If you enter those games thinking that you will win easily, you will be making a big mistake. These lower division teams can pull off upsets on their day.”

Chelsea will take on Brentford in a FA Cup match on Sunday.